St. Francis School Foundation

The St. Francis School Foundation Inc.

Naugatuck, Connecticut

The St. Francis School Foundation Inc. is a non-profit organization incorporated in Connecticut in December 1980. The Foundation is responsible for receiving and administering funds donated for the purpose of advancing the scientific, religious, educational, and charitable purposes of the now legacy St. Francis-St. Hedwig School. In 1980, several Friends recognized the need to create a long-term Endowment fund. The Foundation and its Endowment Fund today provide the financial support in the form of scholarships, tuition assistance and classroom improvements; additionally, there is an annual contribution to the school’s operating expenses.

To date, the Foundation has contributed in excess of $1.2 million dollars, thanks to the generosity of alumni, parishioners, other non-profit groups, and friends of the Foundation. A gift to the Endowment Fund lasts forever; as it continues to grow, it keeps on giving each year.

The Foundation is managed by Officers and a Board of Directors comprised of individuals who are elected and who today actively participate in a variety of community, professional and social organizations and who also have current or, past ties to the school or the parish. These individuals give freely of their time and expertise to ensure that the St. Francis School Foundation Endowment Fund continues to grow and thus to achieve the goals that were established in 1980.

The St. Francis School Foundation has been blessed with the generous support of many individuals and it has allowed the school to continue to be a valuable part of the town of Naugatuck for many years. But as the years have gone on, so too has the need for additional Foundation support. The Foundation Board is committed to building the Endowment Fund to make certain a long-term funding source for the school is always available. This is very important to the future of the school. While gifts to the endowment fund cannot be used immediately, the dividends and interest paid on those contributions will continue to provide the school with sources of funds far into the future.

The impacts that contributors like you have had on the Foundation’s ability to provide the assistance is never ending. This year, with your help the Foundation has given $30, 000 in December 2010 to the school. With the merger another $50,000 has been pledged and this is being used for new smart classroom boards, and new computerization and web advancement for the future years. The Alfred Happy Memorial Tuition Fund in June contributed $10,000 to 10 needy families to assist them with the escalating cost of a Catholic education in Naugatuck. These gifts not only provide financial assistance to families who desire a Catholic education for their children, but also allow the school to continue to enhance the education process.

With an eye to the future and careful planning, the Foundation will ensure that the tradition of a St. Francis-St Hedwig Catholic education will be around for many, many years. All contributors have become an important and valued part of the tradition and we are pleased to all who through the many years are a member’s of the Foundation community.

Whether you have given financially, prayed for our school, volunteered your time as a Board member, prayed for the success of the school, or just spread the good news about St. Francis School Foundation, you have helped us realize another solid, faith-filled year and your continued support is greatly appreciated.

For information on the Foundation please write to P.O. 292 in Naugatuck, CT 06770