Sports Programs

Boys & Girls Basketball


 To participate in athletics is a privilege to every student from Grades 5 through 8, who meet the academic standards of St. Francis-St. Hedwig School and who wish to experience the benefits of being part of a team.

 The reasons for these guidelines are:

*To insure the safety and welfare of those individuals who are not suited physically for participation in a particular sport;

*To determine a reasonable number of participants for a coach to work with and bring a level consistent with the scheduled competition;

*To conform with those sports where equipment and facilities dictate team  numbers.

 The coaches of St. Francis-St. Hedwig are here on a volunteer basis. They are individuals who select a team based on skill level and contribution to the team. St. Francis-St. Hedwig is a member of parochial school leagues.

The league competes in the following sports on the varsity and/or junior varsity level; boys and girls basketball; cheerleading; baseball; softball and soccer. Other intramural or sponsored school activities and are subject to all school rules and regulations regarding participation and are under the jurisdiction of the athletic department

Boys 2015/2016 Schedule

Girls 2015/2016 Schedule