Before/After School Program Guidelines

These guidelines are meant to help orient you and your child to the features of the St. Francis – St. Hedwig School Before and After School Program (B/ASP).  The B/ASP is open to any St. Francis – St. Hedwig School student in PK through Grade 8. A Registration/Emergency Contact Form must be filled out before a student is permitted to stay. This is usually done at the beginning of the year, but may be done at any time. Once the form is completed, the student may stay anytime a parent needs to use the program. Each morning, the classroom teacher will send down a list of students who are staying after school. In cases of last minute attendance, a parent may call or email the school and request that their child be sent to the ASP. Please note that we can only do this if the registration form has been previously filled out.

The B/ASP staff is VIRTUS trained and have received basic medical training from the school nurse for minor injuries.

The Before School Program (BSP) begins at 6:30 AM each morning. In cases when we have a late opening due to inclement weather or other conditions, the program opens at 8:30 AM. Before care for PK students is provided until 8:30 AM.

The ASP runs from the time school is dismissed until 6 PM each evening. If there is an early dismissal due to inclement weather, after care is not provided.

Days: Before and after care is provided each day school is in session. After care is not provided on four half-days: the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, the half day before Christmas vacation, Holy Thursday and the last day before summer vacation.

The cost of both the BSP and ASP $6 per hour for the first child, billable in 15 minute segments. The cost of each additional child is $3. Billing begins at the time of drop off for the BSP and ends at 7:45 AM (8:30 for PK). Billing for the ASP begins at 2:45 PM (2:30 for PK), and ends when the student is picked up. Bills are sent out from the rectory in two week cycles.

Students in the BSP meet in the main hallway each morning and may enjoy a snack, play games, color or read until school begins. ASP students report to the ASP room across from the main office. During the afternoon, students will have access to the gym for activities when it is available.

Parents are encouraged to send in a snack and a box drink for their children to have after school. All snacks should be in disposal containers to eliminate the need to send home thermoses or plastic containers. Please do not send in snacks that contain peanut or nut products as several children are allergic to these substances.

ASP Dismissal:
When a parent or guardian arrives at school to pick up their child, they should enter through the main doors in the front of the building. Please use the buzzer to alert the staff that you are here and they will let you in. If the ASP students are outside or on the field, there will be a sign on the door letting you know where to pick up your child. Each student must be signed out by a parent or guardian before leaving. If a student is to be picked up by someone other than the parent or guardian, the school must be notified by note or phone. When the designated individual reports to the program director for pick-up, he or she must show a valid photo ID.

Early Dismissal:
If school is closed early due to weather conditions or other emergencies, the ASP is cancelled for the day. When threatening weather is approaching, usually due to an impending snow storm, parents should remain alert for an early closing announcement and have in place a plan to have their child picked up by a friend or relative that is in the local area. Please be careful not to designate an older person who does not drive in the snow. In an absolute emergency, please contact the school by phone rather than by e-mail, as these times are quite hectic in schools and your e-mail may not be picked up in a timely manner.

Students are given time to do homework at the beginning of each session. When they are finished, they may participate in board games, read, play with toys, color, or socialize with one another. At times, they may watch a video or play in the gym, if it is available.

All students in both the BSP and ASP are expected to behave appropriately and treat adults and peers with respect at all times. Repeated poor behavior can be cause for dismissal or suspension from the program.