Doreen Santoli — Current Parent

“The education is superior to other schools that I have checked into. I love the family-oriented feeling and the close friendships my children have developed.”

Thomas Rychlik — Current Parent

“We wanted the best for our daughter. We could have sent her to a public school or even a magnet school but we chose St. Francis – St. Hedwig School because of its proven academic excellence and exemplary focus on the students by the principal and teachers. Additionally, the tuition is very affordable. All things said, it was a simple choice to attend this school.”

Mrs. Melinda Buza — Proud Parent of Two Students

“The environment at St. Francis – St. Hedwig School resembles an extended family. The teachers see your child grow from K to 8 – they know your child’s personality, their friends, their strengths and their weaknesses. And I never have to worry – the safe and secure environment is evident from the moment they arrive at the school.”

Christopher Flynn — Former Basketball Coach

“As a basketball coach for the boys in grades 5 – 8, I can say the respect the boys learned in the classroom at St. Francis – St. Hedwig School carried over onto the court. It made my job easy and brought more fans to the games.”

Terence Nolan — Alumni Parent

“After sending our 3 older children to public schools, we sent our two boys to St. Francis – St. Hedwig School since Kindergarten. We were highly pleased with their progress in a number of important areas such as self-responsibility and classroom discipline. Our boys were continually challenged by superior educators in an excellent class environment – a critical value present at the school.”

Mark Yanarella — Class of 1962

“More than 60 years ago I graduated from St. Francis School as my mom had two decades earlier. It has truly been an educational resource for Naugatuck families for generations.”