Academic Support

St. Francis-St. Hedwig School offers a variety of academic support to our students:

  • All teachers are available for extra help from 2:45-3:15 Monday through Thursday.  Students can ask for help with classroom instruction or classwork, homework or projects.  If needed, some teachers offer extra help before school by arrangement.
  • We have an academic support teacher on staff that can work with any student the teacher feels needs extra remediation during the school day.  This is usually arranged between the classroom teacher and the academic support teacher, and parents are informed of the arrangement.  Parents may also request support for their child through the classroom teacher.
  • Our special education staff offers academic support for students who have been identified as needing help through testing.  This process involves parents from the beginning referral through the development of the support plan.
  • Reading support is available to students through Grade 4 by our reading specialist.  Arrangements for this support, whether short or long term, are made by the classroom teach on an “as needed” basis and takes place during the school day.
  • Some students are offered academic support plans developed through a meeting with the school principal, parents, and teacher.  These accommodation plans are instituted in the classroom by the classroom teacher.  Any student in need of an accommodation plan can receive this service.