About Us

Welcome to St. Francis – St. Hedwig School

St. Francis-St. Hedwig School is a Pre-kindergarten through Grade Eight Catholic school that supports education in a welcoming, supportive, family environment for each student. Our school strives to support the needs of students in a personal way and give them the opportunity to maximize their talents, skills and academics.

Our curriculum includes all academic subjects as well as art, music, and physical education on a weekly basis, and Spanish in Grades K-8. Religion is taught on a daily basis and reinforced throughout the day with Christian values and behavior.  Each day begins with prayer when we gather to pray, praise, congratulate, and support one another. Students attend Mass on Fridays and observe the liturgical seasons and commemorate special religious events on a weekly basis.  Details about the curriculum can be found in this publication that will give you an idea as to what you can expect your child to learn through the course of their education at St. Francis-St. Hedwig School.

In addition to a fine complement of religious activities and academics, St. Francis-St. Hedwig School offers an enriching social environment during the school day and through numerous Home and School activities, cultural and sports programs, and student activities. Parents play an important role in supporting the school with fundraisers and social events that bring together the entire school community.  Each month, parents and students, as well as the staff, have events to look forward to that give the school an enriching and enjoyable climate.

We welcome all families who wish to give their child the gift of a Catholic education. Our school is open to parents who would like to visit and experience for themselves the benefits of a St. Francis-St. Hedwig School education.  Please support our school throughout the year by attending student events and Home and School Association activities.  You and your family and friends are always welcome to share in your child’s school adventure!